Monday, October 1, 2007

The Power of Radio

On Saturday I learned some interesting things………A listener went out of his way at Weissgerbers Oktoberfest to greet me and say hi, shook my hand, and said the usual things…. Then came the shocking part he told me he lived in area for 51 years and never knew that Weissgerbers existed! I questioned him a little more and knew about the various stations that the show has aired on, and he knew the history about the other German Radio shows that have been on the air in the past.

On Saturdays show, I also had Ellen from Wisconsin Greyhound Protection on air to talk about the up coming Greyhound Gala, on October 13Th, I thought the interview was great well….. In fact it was so great that several listeners who stopped by at the Gasthaus on Saturday told me they plan on being at the event as well…. In case you missed interview here is the web site for the GPA Wisconsin…..

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